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The island you chose for your holidays, does not only offer beautiful beaches and hotels where you can relax, but is worth to be discovered. Hispaniola is a fascinating green island with a mixed population and we are sure you will want to come back again and again. There are so many interesting things. Let´s take you to one of the 17 national parks and meet the people of the country. Look at the culture of Santo Domingo or go on a crazy wheels tour across the sandy beaches. On our excursions you will get to know many things, or do you already know that:

we have a magnetical point here, just behind Barahona?

there is the most monumental building of the Caribbean in Hispaniola?

The citadel "La Ferrier", close to Cap Haitien, is the secret 8th wonder of the world, and that 20.000 people died when building this citadel?

The banana is not a tree, but a huge bush?

A German engineer built the new prison for Santo Domingo and that Trujillo put him into this jail during the opening, because he had forgotten the emergency exit (which is so important for a prison)?

the worldwide biggest difference in height within a distance of 250 meters is the difference of 12.000 meters between Pico Duarte and Milwaukee Point, north of Samana?

We have the deepest point of the Caribbean, the salt-lake "Lago Enriquillo", 40 meters below sea level?

And many other things we want to tell you while you're here. We offer excursions at fair prices and a good service. Look at these pages, inform yourself about our offers and contact us already before you get here. Compare. Take advantage of our experiences while planing and realizing individual trips.

We are looking forward to meeting you as one of our future clients here in the Dominican Republic!

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