1.Content of the online-offer:
The author doesn´t take any guarantee that the present informations are actual, correct, complete or of a certain quality. Claim to liability towards the author, referring to material or ideal damages, which were caused by using defective or uncomplete information, are strictly excluded, in case it wasn´t a willful or careless fault of the author. All the offers are subject to being sold and not binding. The author reserves to change, complete, cancel parts of the pages or the whole offer without a special notification or to cancel the publishing during a certain time or forever.

2. References and links:In the case of direct or indirect references to strange internet pages („links“) for which the author is not responsable, an obligation of liability would only come into effect in the case that the author knows about the content and he could avoid technically and in general the use in case that the content is illegal. So the author declares hereby expressively that at the moment of putting the links there were no legal contents on the pages which were linked. The authour doesn´t have any influence on the actual and future design, the contents or the authorship. That´s why he disassociates himself expressively from all the contents of the linked/associated pages which were changed after putting the links. This is valid for all he links which were put in the own internet offer and references as well as for strange comments in the guest books, discussions and mailing lists. The person who offers the page which was linked is responsable for he illegal, defective or incomplete contents and especially for defects which came from the use or not use of those kinds of informations. Responsable is not the person who is only referring to the respective publishing.

3. Copyright and registration right:
The author does everything to use in all publications the copyrights of the used grafics, audio documents, video sequences and texts, graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts which were made by himself or to use graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts which are free of licence.
All the brands and trade-marks denominated within the internet-offer and in special cases protected by third persons are submitted without any limitation to the rules of the registration right and the owner right of the respective owner who is registrated. Only by the fact of denomination there cannot be the conclusion that trade-marks are protected by the rights of third persons.The copyright for published objects, made by the author himself, is only for the author of the pages. Copying or using those kinds of graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications are not permitted without the expressive permission of the author.

4. Protection of data:
In case there is the possiblity to put one´s personal o business dates (email-adresses, names, adresses) within the internet offer, it´s voluntary for the user to give these dates. You may use and pay all those services – in case it´s (tecnically) possible – even without mentioning those kinds of dates respectively
giving anonymous dates or a pseudonym.

5. Legal validity by this exclusion of liability:
This exclusion of liability has to be seen as a part of the internet offer which took you to this page. In case that parts or single expressions of this text don´t
correspond (any longer or not at all) to the valid legal situation, the rest of this document is not touched by this in content and validity.