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You pay the full price with each reservation. If you don´t pay in time, we can cancel the service.

We accept Dominican pesos, USD and euros, other currencies as agreed, but we even accept credit cards (visa and mastercard).

Cancellation costs for the clients: 100% devolution until 3 days before starting the excursion less a fee of 10% of the price as processing costs, 50% until 2 days, no devolution within 24 hours before starting the trip. In every case, you pay a fee of 10% of the price as processing costs.

In the case of sickness we only pay the which you already paid, back if you show a medical certificate. This is only valid for the sick person and not for the persons who accompany or family-members. See "cancellation costs".Also we take a fee of 10% of the price as processing costs.

Change of date or program like change of reservation are reserved for RH TOURS of important reasons.

For flight excursions, the business conditions of the respective operator are effective.

If you think the trip has defects, please contact the tour guide inmediately.

In case you don´t inform about these defects on the spot, you cannot claim anything like a reduction or claim for damages. Besides that you inform about the defect, you have to assert eventual claims of reduction of damages expressively with the travel agent within 7 days after the contractual end of the trip. Later we will not accept a reclamation!

The client can claim until 24 hours before starting the tour that a third person participates in the tour, in case there are not any special reasons against that.

If there are further costs by the change of person for the agency, the client or the third person has to pay them. The participation of a substitute person needs a written confirmation by RH TOURS.

RH TOURS is limitedly responsable according to your insurance conditions on excursions for the inmediate damage of physical injury or death which might be caused by RH TOURS or the companies which had the order of RH TOURS. The client bears the normal risk of accident. In case you claim damage against RH TOURS you are obligated to give your own damage claims against third persons to us.

The costumer confirms to not carry values over US$ 200,- on the excursion (this sum results from cash money and mobile articles). No liability for photographic equipment.

In case RH TOURS is the mediator of travel services, it´s not your contractual partner and cannot be responsable for the right fulfillment of the contractual duties. RH TOURS is responsable for choosing the commpanies with care.

Exclusion of liability: Damage claims are excluded in any case if the damage can be conducted back to a failure of you or third, no-preventable person who is not participating in giving the contractual service. Damage claims are excluded as well if the damasge can be conducted to higher force or if the damage couldn´t be preseen or avoided even if RH TOURS or a company which had the order of the RH TOURS chose carefully.

There is a reservation for the limitations preseen in international agreements preseen for paying the damage of no-fulfillment or not complete fulfillment of the contract.

The only legal domicile is the Dominican Republic, region Higuey/Bavaro.

Punta Cana, 29th of march of 2003